Selling or buying your house these days may be a challenge. A couple of years ago when the real estate market was hot you would stick a “for sale” sign within the ground and have your house sold in a couple of hours. Not any more.

Nowadays, if you really want to sell your house, you need to be listed in MLS (Multiple Listing Service). It is estimated that 90% of all homes sold within the usa are listed in MLS. This permits your home to be viewed by the almost all people searching for a home including other real estate agents and their buyers.

As a seller you’ve got a few of options to get your home listed in MLS.

One option is usually to work with a real estate agent. However, in doing this you might have to pay just as much as six percent of the sale price in real estate commissions. According to your sale price this could be tens of thousands of dollars.

Another choice, which is becoming a growing number of popular, is usually to use flat fee real estate service. This website has detailed information regarding flat fee mls broker.

However, you must realize that after you pay your one-time flat fee you will not receive the full services of a common real estate agent. In reality, You in turn become the real estate agent. Of course, different flat fee real estate brokers offer different packages. Some offer signs, lockboxes, and other marketing tools while some don’t. For this reason it’s best to research various flat fee real estate brokers to discover the one that provides the top package for the most effective price.