Shokugeki no Soma, otherwise called Food Wars! in the U.S. is a shonen manga that follows Soma Yukihira on his pursuit to become a better chef than his dad. While the main assumption seems somewhat straightforward, the cooking techniques that are featured in this manga are anything but easy. Beginner cooks who need to understand the best way to cook via manga must look elsewhere. The manga does feature a number of recipe pages for the intermediate cooks to tryout Soma’s style of cooking. Shokugeki no Soma is a cooking manga but cooking is often utilized as a theme for Soma’s transition to maturity. At its center, this manga is essentially a shonen battle manga using a kitchen themed battleground. While exceptional notions can improve a story, Shokugeki no Soma favors to use a tried and tested formula to be able to maintain its readers entertain. By no mean does this make it boring to read, but one can’t help but believe that they’ve read a similar manga elsewhere.

The formulaic strategy is a tried and tested procedure that several successful shonen manga have used before. It could be a boil down to two components; a youthful and hot-blooded protagonists and his lofty aim of becoming the best ___ (fill in the blank). While Soma never expressly states that he desires to become the best chef in the whole world, he does declare that he wants to eventually become a better chef than his father Joichiro Yukihira. He’s also known as old man Yukihara, who happens to be a chef capable of cooking at the Royal Manhattan hotel. While it is not based on a real resort, Manhattan is often known as home to a number of the best chefs on the planet. Basically Soma wants to defeat his old man is interchangeable with most shonen’s protagonist goal to become the best on the planet. For in-depth information about Shokugeki No Soma Episode go to this website. Probably the formula works because most readers can identify a time in their youth when they wanted to be the best in their field of interest.

The characters are vibrant but scarcely original. Soma’s tacit rival is an stuckup loud mouth girl named Erina,l who came from a noble history. Old man Yukihara is the embodiment of a cool old man with plenty of experience in cooking. If the author decides to indicate romantic interest between Soma and Erina, I’ll grill this manga and dip it in peanut butter. In the beginning of volume one, Yuto Tsukuda says that he read the autobiographies of well-known chefs to be able to compose Shokugeki no Soma. He challenges how much “play is hiding behind [the] dishes they serve so effortlessly”. It would have been good if he explained the drama that he found or intriguing details about the lives of well-known chefs. Perhaps that notion will soon be in future volumes, but as of now it appears that Shokugeki no Soma uses an idealize version of professional cooking.

What interested me the most about the first volume was the one-shot that was included in the manga. While the characters and premise remains the same, it seemed that the main character was slightly changed when Shokugeki no Soma got serialized in Shonen Jump. Soma in the one-shot was less hot-blooded and a bit more mature in his conducts. Among the few lines that changed Soma’s character in the one shot was when he told Erina that he found her cooking dull. He looked rather displeased with Erina’s cooking whereas the newest Soma would be eager to challenge Erina and tell her how his cooking is a lot better than her’s. Soma’s mature side is also revealed when he lectures Erina on why he finds her cooking dull because she never fails. Paradoxically the quote associates a lot about how I feel about the manga itself, “the perfect recipe…leads [to] nowhere/ There are people out there…who think there is only ever one right response/ I can’t help but think those folks…will never be able to discover something even better” It appears like the shonen jump editors had lots of influence on the serialization of Shokugeki no Soma. Prime example being Soma’s original aim of tasting every last dish under the sun instead of beating his dad at cooking. If you would like to know more regarding, go to this page. I can’t help but feel that the perfect shonen recipe will hinder Shokugeki no Soma from its discovery towards something even better.

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