The Earth and Environment:

This article presents a focus on Planet Earth, the environment, and issues surrounding climate change and global warming.

Resources include links for the classroom with an Internet library and original articles of interest to k-12 students, their teachers and parents. A reading list is included with suggested titles available for purchase from Amazon.

Recent news articles, current US weather watches and warnings, a Flickr gallery, DVD’s, Google Earth updates and a selection of YouTube videos show us that global warming isn’t just a recent concern, a fifty-year-old film presents scientist’s concerns from two generations ago. Presently we are finding proof that climate change is a real concern and it is time we pay attention, take responsibility, and work towards healing our planet.

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Do You Like the Earth? I Do!

climate-changeWe have all no doubt heard these warnings and there are many people taking approprite action to help the cause. There is also the belief among some people that these warnings are just doomsday propaganda or overexaggerated hype. I have my own beliefs based on my own research of the subject and I do not expect anything less from anybody else. I encourage all fellow human beings to look into the issue on their own and to form their own beliefs accordingly.

This group is meant to aid in that research. I will try to post as much useful information and links as possible to give a comprehensive resource for that. The time to stand by is over, we must now take whatever actions we can to help solve this overwhelming problem.

The solution starts at home and home is you. PLEASE INVITE YOUR FRIENDS to share this resource so we can all be informed about ways we can help. Many hands make light work… Peace!

Climate Change Is Human Caused:

factorysmokeThere are still many people who believe that the current trend of Climate Change/Global Warming is natural, and humankind is not to blame; this idea is ridiculous and based on fringe science.

Join the group Climate Change is Human Caused, spread the word, end the anti-environment campaign against this critical and serious issue.

The current trend of Climate Change has been caused by the excessive consumption of non-renewable petroleum based energy sources, deforestation, and several other human- induced factors.

“By joining you’ll be part a growing community of Canadians who are actively creating a better future and improving their quality of life. The larger the number, the more we can inspire our leaders to incorporate policies that reward environmental conservation instead of environmental destruction.

“We invite Canadians to learn about the 10 most effective actions that will help to protect nature. The Nature Challenge helps individuals make sustainable decisions about our homes, the food we eat, and how we get around cities. Over 200,000 individuals have joined…and have made personal commitments to protecting Canada’s natural legacy for the future.”

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